Color Blind Test App: Explore the Color Vision Test

Do you ever wonder if you see the world differently than others? Perhaps you struggle to distinguish between certain colors, or vibrant hues seem dull to you. If so, you might have color blindness, a visual condition affecting millions globally. But fear not! There’s a simple way to gain insights into your color vision – the Color Blind Test app.

Understanding Color Blindness

Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, affects how people perceive colors. The most common type involves difficulty distinguishing between red and green. Others might struggle with blue and yellow differentiation, or experience a complete lack of color vision (achromatopsia), seeing the world in shades of gray.

Benefits of the Color Blind Test App

The Color Blind Test app empowers you to understand your color vision with ease. Here’s what it offers:

  • Multiple Eye Tests: Take a variety of well-established tests, including the Ishihara plate test, to assess your color perception.
  • Detailed Results: Receive clear and easy-to-understand explanations of your results, including any identified color blindness type.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the app intuitively with a clean and modern design.

Beyond Diagnosis: Features to Enhance Your Vision Journey

The Color Blind Test app goes beyond just diagnosis. It equips you with valuable tools and resources (some features available now, others coming soon):

  • Eye Exercises: Strengthen your color vision with potential benefits through guided exercises.
  • Color Simulation: Experience the world through different color blind lenses, gaining a deeper understanding of how others perceive colors.
  • Eye Tips & Tricks : Master everyday life with color blindness by learning helpful tips and tricks for navigating your environment.
  • Downloadable Reports: Share your results with ease by downloading them as PDFs for doctors, family, or future reference.
  • Dark Mode Support: Enjoy a comfortable testing experience with a dark mode option.


The Color Blind Test app is your one-stop resource for exploring your color vision. With its comprehensive tests, informative results, and future features designed to empower you, this app is the key to unlocking a world of vibrant colors.

Download the Color Blind Test app today and embark on a journey of color discovery! Meanwhile you can also try other apps such as Ludo Master, a ludo board game.

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