Does USPS Deliver on Sunday ??

In 2013, USPS & Amazon collaborated, As per the deal USPS shipped Amazon packages Even on Sundays. Amazon uses parcel service to deliver almost all products that makes the customers  extra convenient. Now the question is Does USPS Deliver on Sunday ?

  • YES!!!  USPS delivers on Sunday too. But on Sunday it delivers only Amazon Packages and Priority Mail Packages.

Does USPS deliver on Holidays ??

Other major delivery companies which deliver USPS set their own schedules and operate partially or sometimes fully on some federal holidays. USPS do not deliver on some special holidays. Memorial Day except through their services for some urgent and critical deliveries.

USPS Stores will be closed on holidays. Some FedEx Office retail locations may be operated on custom modified schedules. If you are planning to buy USPS on holidays then first contact to your local store for details.

Does USPS deliver on Sunday – 2022

As per the deal USPs shipped Amazon packages. Even on Sundays, Amazon uses the parcel service to deliver everything that makes the customers  extra convenient.

Priority Mail Packages are also delivered on Sunday but you have to ship overnight. Now, Priority Mail Express is the fastest guaranteed delivery service offered by USPS. This service provides 7 days of facilities but carries an added fee. Bear in mind that Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail are not the same.  USPS doesn’t deliver Priority Mail on Sundays as Priority Mail Express.

 The difference between them is on  both the shipping times and the prices. Priority Mail Express is an overnight delivery whereas Priority Mail ships in 1-3 business days. Hence, the Priority Mail Express service is especially designed for customers who need to have something reach its destination as soon as possible.

 It is noteworthy that Priority Mail Express includes tracking and insurance. That means if your package doesn’t reach the destination by 6:30 pm on the expected date, then a refund will be given to you. Also, both commercial and residential services are available. Along with others, there is Priority Mail Express International with delivery speeds of 3-5 business days and the service ships to over 190 countries.

What are USPS Delivery Hours on Sunday ?

  • when does USPS stop delivering on Sunday ?
  • when does USPS start delivering on Sunday ?

Priority Mail Express gives you money-back guarantee. It is the fastest domestic service that is available 365 days and can reach any address in the United States, even including PO boxes.

So, delivering on Sundays isn’t a new concept. Only the cost of the Amazon delivery matters.

The advantage of it being reachable at extremely low cost or  affordable gives a reason to customers to  proceed with it.

At different Post Office locations the price starts at $23.75 as well as online.

Especially with delivery features and assurance. It is far cheaper when compared with other delivery services .

Every Amazon customer can have Sunday delivery. But in case  the  customer is an Amazon Prime member, then he/she can even place an order on Fridays and receive the delivery by Sunday.

At the same time, if you use Priority Mail Express, then USPS promises overnight delivery which can reach its destination by 10:30 am or at least 6:30 pm. In case if you don’t receive your package by 6:30 pm then  you are eligible for a full refund. 

However, It is a slightly  different with Amazon shipments, the window for delivery is much wider. It extends up-to  8, 9, or even 10 pm. But, you can expect your mail delivered in the afternoon. In most cases Amazon shipments are usually delivered earlier. Be sure that the delivery time might vary based on the location and volume of the mail.

Does USPS deliver before estimated date ?

  • Yes. Frequently.

The promised delivery dates / day / time frames are built around near-worst-case scenarios. A standard 1st class letter will normally arrive within 3 days, but USPS will estimate it as 5 days, because stuff happens like weather being a major factor, since Planes doesn’t fly in bad weather.

There are also many other factors that come into play.

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