How to Backup Cox WebMail for FREE

Today, Cox webmail is one of the biggest in the world of internet services in the United States. Which also provides Backup Cox WebMail. Many Americans get internet services from Cox. Not only an internet service provider, through cox webmail it also provides Email service, and direct TV as well as cable internet.

Cox webmail also offers several solutions for backup cox WebMail. These back-up techniques differ in security and complexity and offer users varied amounts of control over their Cox WebMail. also you can whitelist any mail for more read here.

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How to Backup Cox WebMail

All possible ways to backup cox webmail are described below:

POP3 Access

A common and easiest method to backup Cox WebMail account is to enable POP3 access within every email account. You can easily configure the account backup by selecting “Enable POP3” option from cox WebMail settings.

After the configuration of WebMail account, set up the mail account in an email client such as Mac Mail or Outlook. The email client will fetch a copy of all incoming emails from Cox’s server, and creates backup for all incoming emails/messages.

Secondary Account

Cox user can create up to 10 different mail accounts in cox WebMail. After creating a secondary webmail account, You can select the “Forward” option from setting menu of the original mail account (The account which you want to backup cox webmail). And then enter the email address for the secondary account(where you want to backup cox webmail).

Now your Emails from the original cox webmail account will be automatically forward to the secondary account, which will create a virtual backup cox webmail.

Automated Backup

You can backup cox webmail from an automated backup service which is called Media Store and Share. This automated backup needs to authorize with Cox webmail account to back up the WebMail. Automated backup cox webmail is the most effective and easiest method to backup cox webmail messages.

Users need to contact Cox to find out if this automated backup service is available in their local areas. Cox webmail doesn’t not offer this service in all markets.

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