Truth or Dare Bot

Truth or Dare is a game that is entertaining and fun, but there is no real control over who the players are. Sometimes you want to play with your friends, but sometimes your friends will want to play with people they just met, so how do you go about setting up your own party? By using a Truth Or Dare bot.

Truth or Dare is a party game that is played around the world. It is famous for being a great ice breaker for social gatherings of mixed age groups, and a fun game to play in large groups. There are numerous variations of the game but most follow the same format as Truth or Dare bot.

Truth or Dare Game : Basic Rules

Basically, one person asks another if they want to play Truth or Dare. If they say ‘yes’ then the first person who asks them says ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. If they choose truth then the player has to answer a question truthfully.

If they choose to dare then the player has to do something silly or embarrassing. For example, if someone dared to give a high-five with their eyes closed, they would have to high-five someone, with their eyes closed. However, you can make up your own dares and truths if you want so that it’s relevant to you and your friends.

In 2009, an app was made to play this game on Facebook. The app was very popular because there is an option where you can choose whether you want to play with friends or play with strangers and people around the world can see when you post that you are playing this game and automatically join your game without having to send requests for everyone you want to join.

Rules for Truth or Dare bot

  • Each person chooses either truth or dare. (If you choose ‘truth’, you have to answer any question asked by your friends honestly.)
  • If someone chooses ‘dare’ they have to do whatever their friends ask them to do, they can’t refuse the dare.
  • You can skip a turn if you want to, but if you choose truth or dare twice, you have to pick truth or dare again on the next round.
  • You can add some new rules of your own, like “shut up” which means that your friend has to stop talking for a full minute or “science” which means that you have to quote any famous scientist for ten seconds straight without mistakes, just like in the movie “10 things I hate about you”. It makes things more interesting.

Play Online with Truth or Dare Bot

Truth or dare bot enables you to play the game without downloading an application (or sometime may be with an offline bot). You can start a party with friends in seconds. There are already many truth or dare bot to play the game. you can try Free truth or dare game bot application.

Play Offline with Friends

The gameplay of Truth or Dare has stayed the same since its inception, with the game requiring at least two people to play. It is best to ask people to play that you know will get into the spirit of a game that can get embarrassing and weird! Now you can even play with your friends on-line through apps – while this can be fun and let you participate in Truth or Dare games from anywhere, it might not be more fun if you are not together while playing Truth or Dare game.

  • Make a list of questions
  • Think of some fun dares
  • you can take help from friends to make exciting questions and dares
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying before you begin
  • Don’t let the dares go too far.
  • Share your results on social media
  • You can share your answers with friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and other social networks.


This truth or dare bot will challenge you to think critically and creatively while playing a fun game. This truth or dare bot has been designed to help you learn more about yourself by answering questions about yourself. The social game Truth or Dare has been around for decades, and it’s one of those things that everyone can enjoy in moderation. also read about How to Hide App in Android.

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