How to white list in CoxWebmail – 2022

white list in CoxWebmail

If you’re using CoxWebmail and not receiving email from specific senders, Firstly, you need to check your spam folder. If you’ve not found mail in the spam folder then add that specific sender’s email address to your email account’s white-list (safelist) from your CoxWebmail settings, you have to check blocked senders, and check your inbox … Read more

How to Backup Cox WebMail for FREE

how to backup cox webmail

Today, Cox webmail is one of the biggest in the world of internet services in the United States. Which also provides Backup Cox WebMail. Many Americans get internet services from Cox. Not only an internet service provider, through cox webmail it also provides Email service, and direct TV as well as cable internet. Cox webmail … Read more

windows 10 turn on Bluetooth

windows 10 turn on Bluetooth

Before we start, please keep in mind that Bluetooth will only work on Windows 10 only when your hardware supports it.  Desktop or DIY PCs  need to install a Bluetooth adapter but most of the modern laptops support Bluetooth out of the box. For you, Bluetooth allows you to connect your computers or phones wirelessly … Read more

2 Ways to create a drop down list in Excel


The solution for how to create a drop down list in Excel is by entering the list manually. This is the situation where you just need a dropdown list in a single cell of Excel and you don’t need to update it frequently. For example, if you’re sending people an Excel file where you want … Read more