Drift Hunters – 4 interesting facts about Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is an action game that takes place on a local multiplayer couch. Each player has their own car and they have to race against each other with their cars. The goal is to get from one side of the track to the other without crashing or hitting any walls or other objects on the way.

The players are able to drift around corners and perform high-speed jumps, but there are also parts of the track where you can get caught up in traffic or drive too fast and crash into something. Your car will also be able to take damage from other drivers who aren’t as skilled as you are, causing your car to slow down or even explode if you hit it too hard.

Drift Hunters

Gran Turismo has been one of the most popular racing games for decades now, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide.  The latest version, Gran Turismo Sport (GT Sport), was released in November 2018, which was a huge deal for gamers who love their racing games. 

Forza Horizon 3 was released in September 2017 and has been a big hit since then. It offers both single-player modes and competitive multiplayer modes like Forza Motorsport 7. Here are some facts about Drift Hunters, which makes this game much popular among gamers around the world.

Drift Hunters : Tons of Cars

 Drift Hunters is a racing game that has you drifting around the track. The game lets you choose from various cars, each of which has its own unique handling characteristics and upgrades that can be used to make it even better. 

Drift Hunters tons of cars

Races take place on various tracks around the world, and your goal is to reach the finish line in first place by drifting around corners at high speeds. 

The game offers both local multiplayer and online multiplayer modes where up to four players can compete against each other in real-time races.

Drift Hunters : Customizability

Each car can be customized in a detailed or  in-depth customization options. This option on the customization menu allows you to choose from 4 different types of paint (Gloss, Matte, Metallic, and Chrome) as well as any color of paint that you can imagine.

Drift Hunters customization

The number of possible paint on car and the type combinations is staggering, ensuring you and your friends or other racers are extremely unlikely to have similar looking cars, even if those cars are of the same brand and model.

Drift Hunters : No-Cost Fun

With all of this content on drift hunters, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that Drift Hunters is a full on priced game. However, the entire drift hunters game is available completely for free. You can enjoy the Drift Hunters experience at no cost,Drift Hunters is completely free. which is a great departure from other car racing games where you should pay before to play the game, and then again to access its DLC.

Drift Hunters free racing game

With this content being provided at no cost, and can have much fun, you don’t have to lose money in trying out Drift Hunters.

Drift Hunters : Easily Accessible

Besides having tons of cars, Customizability, completely free, Drift Hunters is also incredibly accessible. The full game runs within your browser of choice. The Unity engine allows for intricate 3D worlds and immersive drift hunters gameplay within the confines of something, which is as small as a web browser.

Drift Hunters Easily Accessible

All you have to do for easy access is just load the game up, and you’re off to the races. Drift Hunters will not take up any space on your hard drive, as it is not required to download, you can run efficiently on your PC web browser. you can access the game by this link.

Even if the drift hunters game runs at a less than the stable frame rate, there are graphical settings that you can customize as your needs. With all this features and accessibility, Drift Hunters is one of the best light weight, browser games out there, which can be played on any low end pc and laptops.

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How to use turbo in drift hunters?

The turbo button in Drift Hunters is a feature that allows you to customize the car’s turbo pressure.

Firstly, we can see the “TURBO” option (after upgrading the turbo) in the tuning menu which allows us to customize the turbo pressure.

We keep this to the max, as we like ALL OF THE POWER, but if you’re getting started, you may find that lowering the turbo boost (pressure) will make the car more predictable.

Secondly, we can see that there is an option for BOOST which gives us access to additional fuel and ignition timing settings. This is where we start to see some real gains in performance.

What is the best drift car in Drift Hunters?

The best overall car of all Drift Hunters Players around the globe is the Porsche 911. You have to Unlock it and then you can feel the power of this drift monster!
How to drift in drift hunters?
If you want to drift an automatic car, rear wheel drive, first lock the transmission into low gear and accelerate your car to 20-30 miles per hour. Then, turn hard and floor it until you begin to drift. Control the car while drifting by giving the car more or less throttle to turn the car into different angles.

What Is The Best Way To Drift In This Game?

In Drift hunters, you have to use your mouse to drive the automobile and attempt to glide around the turning for maximum speed as well as bonuses.

See how long you can Drift ! The longer time you spend drifting, the higher your attention multiplier becomes. Some songs also can help you to remain drifting far more easily than others.

Skateboarding is the most enjoyable and best way to spend your money while driving a car. You’ll be astonished at what you can do if you put out the little effort.

Regarding the Race Track

Timberland and Emashi are the greatest tracks for Drifting  in Float Trackers 2 because they have a low amount of sharp curves and lengthy bends.

For slow Drifting, the woods racetrack is the best track for the longest turns. Begin the race on Drift Hunters by customizing the automobile type and selecting your engine and color to your choice. There are 26 different automobiles to pick from, each with a different model (BMW M3, Nissan, 370Z coupe, Toyota Supra, Honda S2000,Ford Fiesta ST, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and many more)
Look out the map, and then adjust your engine to the best of your ability to easily navigate the difficult tracks and turns to get into the finish line.

What Is The Best Way To Direct The Motor?

To operate the car, you can use the WASD control keys or arrow keys.
To change the camera position, you can use the spacebar as a handbrake.
Toggle the gears on your left
To down the gears, you can use the left CTRL key.

A Few Points to Keep in Mind When Playing Car Games

If you’re unable to adjust your speed while approaching steering turns, then you’ll be taken out from the race. To increase speed, slide from side-to-side on a straight road. Drive on a map with as many as room to drift for a long time while driving.

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